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Your Way to Wellness

Your Way to Wellness

Do you have an ongoing health condition such as arthritis, diabetes, COPD, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, asthma, or high blood pressure? This free program helps adults with chronic (ongoing) health conditions to overcome daily challenges, take action and live a healthy life.

Participate in the Program
Join us to learn how to manage your chronic condition, develop new skills and use proven tools to help you continue to live an active, fulfilling life. Groups meet weekly for two and half hours for six weeks and are led by trained volunteers (most have chronic conditions themselves). Family and friends are welcome to attend as well.

Upcoming Sessions
The Your Way to Wellness program is offered at a community location near you, with daytime and evening sessions available. View our current schedule for upcoming dates and to register.

Become a Volunteer Leader
To become a volunteer leader, visit our volunteer page to learn about volunteer requirements and to download a volunteer application form.

Your Way to Wellness Video
Watch this first voice video to learn about participating in this free program.

Your Way to Wellness – First Voice

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