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May 8, 2006

New Glasgow, NS--Pictou County Health Authority recognized for leading practices

The Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation (CCHSA) has recently recognized two leading practices of the Pictou County Health Authority.

The health authority’s palliative care program and surgery program will be included as examples of noteworthy practices in this year’s Canadian Health Accreditation Report.

According to CCHSA, leading practices are examples of outstanding achievement.  They provide inspiration to other organizations and were designed to be shared with the health care field.   The practices or processes are innovative, creative and offer an idea or approach that other organizations can replicate.   By publishing them annually in the Canadian Health Accreditation Report, it is CCHSA’s intention that organizations will use this information to learn from one another.

“This recognition by CCHSA is a tremendous honour for those directly involved in these programs, and for all staff and physicians who contribute on a daily basis to the wonderful care that is provided to our patients,” said CEO of the Pictou County Health Authority, Pat Lee.

The leading practices were noted during the health authority’s accreditation survey in February 2005 and are tied to CCHSA standards. 

The palliative care program was described as excellent.  It was noted that the program provides seamless shared care between the community and the hospital.  The role of the palliative care team’s cancer patient navigator was acknowledged as a model for the province and the country.

The surgery program addressed the issue of less than 50 per cent blood consent compliance by creating a double consent form.  This form, a first for the province of Nova Scotia, allows patients to give consent for surgery and the use of blood products during surgery, at the same time.

“We’ve learned from our leading practices and aspire to achieve this level of excellence in other programs,” said Mr. Lee.

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Eileen MacIsaac
Public Relations, PCHA
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