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Central and East Pictou Community Health Board

Mission, Vision and Values Statements
The Central / East Pictou Community Health Board is committed to the Mission, Vision and Values of the Pictou County Health Authority and has adopted these statements as its own.

Our mission is to deliver sustainable people-centered health care and services, and build relationships to improve the health of our community.

Healthy people, prosperous community

These values will influence our decision making and performance:

Compassion and caring are cornerstone values within our communities and cornerstones to the services we provide. We model caring and compassion for the people we serve and those who work with the Pictou County Health Authority.

Individually Centered
We provide services and supports based on the person and on our population's unique health needs and characteristics. We recognize that individuals have a right and a responsibility to control their own health; to have access to the information and services that will enable healthy lifestyles; and the right to have their health information held in confidence.

Dignity and Respect
We respect the dignity and worth of all persons in our communities, especially those being served by our system and the staff who serve them.

Quality and Fairness
We strive to provide the safest, highest quality care and service using evidence and outcome-informed decisions, providing access to care through the rational distribution of available resources according to established principles.

We foster partnerships and work cooperatively in planning and service delivery.

We seek out new ideas and the pursuit of new approaches to safety, wellness, illness prevention and the delivery of health care.

Fiscal Accountability
Resources will be managed and allocated consistent with our vision in a rational, reasonable and cost effective manner.

Openness and Transparency
We model and expect openness and transparency in all our interactions.

About the Central / East Pictou Community Health Board

The Central / East Pictou Community Health Board meets at 6:00 pm on the second Monday of the month (September June) at the Aberdeen Hospital Boardroom in New Glasgow.

The communities served by this Community Health Board include:

Abercrombie, Barneys River Station, Bridgeville, Churchville, Eureka, Hopewell, Kings Head, Linacy, Little Harbour, Lower Barneys River, Marshy Hope, Merigomish, New Glasgow, Pictou Landing, Priestville, Riverton, Stellarton, Sunnybrae, Trenton, Thorburn, Upper Barneys River and Westville.

As well as supporting health care planning and decision making, Community Health Boards make various grants available to community groups and organizations and award annual Wellness Funds.

Central / East Pictou Community Health Board Membership

Marilyn Robinson (Chair)

Margaret–Ellen Disney
Jim D. Hiscott
Connie Clark
Caroline Straub
Shelby MacDonald
Rhonda Rafuse

Are you interested in learning how you can become a member of the Central / East Pictou Community Health Board? You are welcome to contact the Central / East Pictou Community Health Board Chair or the Volunteer & Community Health Board Coordinator.

Martin Fisher
Volunteer & Community Health Board Coordinator
Pictou County Health Authority
835 East River Road
New Glasgow, NS B2H 3S6
Tel: 752-7600 ext 3875

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